About Company

Ideenkreise aka idea-circle is an IT consulting and software services company, primarily delivering complex world-class software solutions on intelligent automation (IA) and analytics engine to organizations across industry verticals. We offer a full range of software development services in web and mobile application. Deploying intelligent automation and analytics engine plays a major role by streamlining processes while meeting business imperatives. It also facilitate lean and cost-efficient operations at higher speeds and accuracy in comparison to traditional approaches. Our expertise is in providing integrated ERP Software for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing to hundreds of customers till date, helped them to meet their business goals. ERP solutions developed by ideen kreise are characterized for its flexibility and scalability to business growth of the customers in the time ahead.

Services play a crucial role in the technology industry by enabling businesses and individuals to leverage technology in a more efficient and effective manner. Technology services can help automate processes and streamline workflows, making them more efficient and reducing the time and resources required to perform tasks. Services can help businesses and individuals to focus on their core activities, while outsourcing IT functions to experts who can deliver higher quality results in less time. Services can provide access to new technologies and expertise that can help businesses to innovate and stay ahead of their competition and can help businesses reduce their costs by providing access to shared resources and infrastructure, such as cloud computing, that can reduce the need for expensive hardware and software investments.

Meet Our Team

Anandhu Vinod
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Sajith K
CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
Rahul Rajendran
COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Premdas VM
Team Lead
Arun A George
Team Lead
Dona Paulson
Team Lead

Why We Different

May contribute to a company's uniqueness could include its values, culture, products or services, target market, customer relationships, innovation, technology, or expertise in a particular area. It could also be the combination of several of these factors that sets a company apart from others in its industry.

Our Expertise

Software and hardware skills are becoming increasingly important, as businesses and organizations continue to rely heavily on technology for their day-to-day operations. The ability to work with software and hardware effectively and efficiently is highly valued by employers and can help individuals advance in their careers.

Our Innovation

IT innovation should always be aligned with business goals and objectives. While new technologies and approaches can be exciting, they must be implemented in a way that supports the overall mission and vision of the enterprise. This requires a strategic and thoughtful approach to IT innovation, with a focus on creating value for the organization as a whole.

Our Quality

Degree to which the software products and services meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. It includes various aspects such as reliability, functionality, usability, performance, security, maintainability, and scalability. To achieve high levels of quality in a software company, it is important to have a focus on quality throughout the software development process.