Crop Management System
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Eastern Crop management is the set of agricultural practices performed to improve the growth, development and yield of crops. It begins with a seedbed preparation, sowing of seeds and crop maintenance; and ends with crop harvest .Crop management System is a term used to describe the various practices that farmers use to improve the growth, development, and yield of crops. Once the crops have germinated, crop maintenance practices are implemented, which can include fertilization, pest control, irrigation, and other practices to help the crops grow and develop properly. The final step in crop management is the harvest, where the mature crops are harvested and prepared for sale or further processing. Effective crop management is critical to the success of any agricultural operation, as it can help farmers optimize crop yields, minimize losses, and increase profitability.

Sports Management System
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Scoreline provides a comprehensive approach to coach development and support through its mobile app, rigorous coach education and training program, and other professional development programs. which provides a list of contacts, and a tool for managing cash collections.With the mobile app and other tools, coaches can provide high-quality coaching to their athletes, contributing to their success and overall team performance. In addition to the coach education and training program, Scoreline offers other professional development programs that provide coaches with the resources and support they need to succeed

Online Grocery Shopping Application
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Goodoor is a type of E-commerce that focuses on selling groceries online to individual customers. The main goal of Goodoor is to provide customers with a convenient and efficient way to purchase groceries from the comfort of their own homes, while also providing quick doorstep delivery. Goodoor offers a wide range of products including fresh produce, meats, pantry items, and more, making it easy for customers to get all of their grocery shopping done online. With Goodoor, customers can enjoy the convenience of online shopping while still getting high-quality products and fast, reliable delivery.

Asset Management System
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An Eastern Asset Management System is a process used by companies to keep track of their equipment and inventory. It involves creating an inventory, tracking the location and status of each item, implementing a maintenance schedule, and using software to monitor asset usage and performance. This information can be used to determine when equipment needs to be serviced or repaired, when inventory needs to be restocked, and when items need to be replaced .Eastern is a comprehensive approach to asset management that can help companies and organizations of all sizes manage their equipment and inventory more efficiently and effectively. By implementing this system, companies can reduce costs, increase productivity, and minimize downtime due to equipment failure or other issues.

Purchase and Blending System
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Eastea from sourcing to selection to blending" highlights the three main stages of tea production. The first step is sourcing the tea leaves or other ingredients from suppliers or farms. The second step is selecting the best ingredients, which may involve quality control checks to ensure that they meet the company's standards. The final step is blending the ingredients together to create the final product. system will give recomandation for optimum blend as per company standard. Overall, the sentence communicates that Eastea is a product that is made with care and quality control, with every step of the process happening in the company's own factories. This helps to build trust with customers who value quality and transparency in the products they purchase.

Multiplayer Online Realtime Quiz Application
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In Quiz App user opens the app and selects a quiz category or topic that they want to play. The app presents a series of questions related to the chosen category or topic, one at a time. The questions can be in various formats, such as multiple choice, true/false, or open-ended. The user selects an answer to each question and submits it to the app. The app then provides instant feedback on whether the answer is correct or incorrect. If the answer is incorrect, the app may provide an explanation or hint to help the user learn from their mistake. The app keeps track of the user's score based on the number of questions answered correctly and the time taken to answer each question. The user can see their score and ranking compared to other players who have taken the same quiz. The user can continue playing the until they exit.

Sales Force Automation
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Parison SFA automating administrative duties and providing sales representatives with the tools they need to work more efficiently, SFA software can help increase productivity, streamline the sales process, and improve the customer experience. This can ultimately help companies drive revenue growth and achieve their sales objectives.This information can be used to optimize the sales process and improve overall sales performance.By tracking and analyzing sales data, SFA software can help identify trends, highlight areas for improvement, and provide insights into the effectiveness of different sales strategies

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Nanma uses CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, for collecting and storing customer data in a centralized database, analyzing it to identify trends and preferences, automating key processes, personalizing customer interactions, and measuring performance metrics to optimize business relationships and increase profitability. By providing a complete view of customer interactions and enabling automation and personalization, CRM systems help Nanma enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and improve decision-making.

Expense Manager
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Eastern expense management involves tracking, reporting, and allocating payments for expenses incurred by a company. By using expense management software, businesses can easily manage and automate the expense tracking process, including submitting, approving, and reimbursing expenses. This not only ensures accurate reporting and compliance with company policies, but also provides valuable insights into spending patterns, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and control costs.


Purchase Analytics dashboard that provides real-time insights into a company's raw material stock at multiple locations, including its age and cost per unit. The dashboard also offers data on market price trends and identifies procurement issues, enabling organizations to make informed decisions regarding inventory management and procurement. Furthermore, the system calculates the cost of goods sold (COGS) and gross profit (GP) per region, providing organizations with a clear understanding of their profitability. The Purchase Analysis dashboard is designed to offer real-time insight and comes with a three-layer drill-down feature, allowing users to explore data at different levels of granularity. Custom tags and filters can also be applied to tailor the dashboard to specific business requirements. Overall, Purchase Analysis is a powerful tool for any business that deals with raw materials, providing real-time insights that enable organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve their operations.

Online LMS
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90+ LMS (Learning Management System) can offer a range of features to manage online classes, exams, attendance tracking, and fee collections. Teachers can upload course content, and students can access lectures, assignments, and participate in discussions. The LMS can facilitate online exams, provide tools for creating different types of questions, and allow for tracking student attendance. Additionally, an online payment system can be integrated into the LMS for students to pay tuition fees. These features can help to streamline and automate various aspects of tuition management for both teachers and students.

Hyper casual games
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Hyper casual games, Ideenkreise typically conducts market research, develops a game in-house or partners with a game development studio, tests and optimizes the game, launches and promotes it, monitors and optimizes its performance, and continues to develop and update the game to keep it fresh and appealing to players. Successful development of hyper casual games requires an understanding of the market, target audience, and game development best practices to create a game that provides an engaging player experience and generates revenue.